A member of the House of Councilors, The founder of ‘Watami’

Miki Watanabe (born October 5, 1959) is the founder of Watami.

In 1984, he founded Watami inc., started up his own business as a franchise owner of the restaurant that was on the verge of failure. In 2000, Watami has been successfully listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

He also runs the Junior-high/high school in Tokyo and the hospital in Osaka. He is also highly recognized as the founder-philanthropist of one of the NPO called “School Aid Japan (SAJ)”.
In 2011, he had announced to run for the Governor of Tokyo. Although he gained more than million votes from the citizens in Tokyo, he defeated.

Furthermore, in the same year of June, he is formally inducted into the counselor of the reconstruction of Rikuzentakata which is a stricken area from the earthquake.
Now, he is carrying on an enterprise with high public responsibility.

In April 2006, Watami restructured its establishment into a holding company of collective business domains based on ‘People’ driven fields such as ‘Restaurant’, ‘Nursing-care home’, ‘Food Catering Business for the Elderly People’, ’Merchandising’, ‘Agriculture’ and ‘Environment’ that truly differentiate the company in the market.
Currently (August 2013), with 725 restaurants, 94 Nursing care facilities, 502 offices of Food Catering and 780.0 hectare farm, Watami continuously strives to be recognized as “The world best company that has collected the most ‘Thank you’ from all over the world.” in 100 years time.
Watami’s official website

In 2013, he runs for the Upper House election, and was elected by gaining 104,176 votes with the supports of the people from all over Japan.

Now, He started to focuses on the support and the bringing up of a small and medium-sized businesses, a small-scale retail merchant and a venture business, and put the most priority to the “Growth of the substantial Economy”.